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Hello Future Desire Map Workshop Licensed Facilitator

The Desire Map Licensing Program is one of the most soulful (non-sleazy) businesses-in-a-box out there. Based on the book The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte, the Licensing Program prepares anyone with vision and moxie to lead Desire Map workshops anywhere on the planet. Prosper while changing lives.

Most of us know those ‘business-in-a-box’ programs are hoaxes. Or if not, they just sound a little sleazy. But thankfully, I’ve found a truly heart-centered, sincere business-in-a-box program and I’m preparing for it to completely transform my life! It’s based on the book The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte. I’ve joined her Licensing Program, which means I will soon be hosting Desire Map workshops (virtual and in-person ones).


If you want to join me on this Licensing train, check out the rest of this page and my workshop page, and get licensed through this page. You will also receive some really business boosting bonuses (see below).


Because I believe so much in the benefit of The Desire Map workshops and leading them, I am now an affiliate for Danielle LaPorte’s work. That means if you purchase the license or one of her products by clicking on the links on this page or my website, I get a commission. I use the commission to help run this website and my business, plus I feel really good about telling others about this great workshop.


If you want to talk about how it works or how to implement it into your business model, please contact me and we can talk about how you can generate more income and offer something unique to your customers.

This license is a good fit for your business if your are…

Entrepreneurial Spirits

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If you’ve recently started your own business or are ready to start your own business, but don’t have a program, this is for you. It’s a ready made workshop that comes with it’s own marketing pieces + training.

Yogis, Healers, Wellness pros

Desire Map license Yogis You want to offer something really special for your clients or create an additional revenue stream to your business. It’s a ready made workshop that comes with it’s own marketing pieces + training.

Coaches, Consultants, Independent pros

TDM-AffiliateBadge-General-612X612-OmbreBG-002 If part of your business model involves teaching or sharing your knowledge, experience & expertise, this can be a new income stream for your business. It’s a ready made workshop that comes with it’s own marketing pieces + training.

Danielle LaPorte Inc. has no affiliation with my website or any of the products, services or bonuses listed here. Danielle LaPorte has not reviewed or approved any of the materials I offer and if you have any grievances please address them with me (and/or my company) directly.


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