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I am a former corporate America gal who was laid off when the economy tanked. This helped me because I am now a self-taught (Inbound Marketing certification) digital marketing strategist and website consultant and builder. I’ve learned so much about coaching others in their independent businesses when it comes to understanding how they want to feel and how to build up their business online.


I help people figure out how they want to feel in their life and work and then map out a plan to make it happen.

My passion is coaching people who need a little help finding their way to feel more confident in their place in the world and their business. I’m also an entrepreneur working as a marketing consultant for small and medium sized businesses, marketers, and others who need to generate revenue for their business through digital marketing. I really enjoy learning about a business and being able to look at what they are doing and how I can help them make more money by doing marketing online.  I enjoy working with both artistic types and business professionals.

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Jill Juneja


Q & A with Jill

How did you get started with The Magnificent Mindset?
Magnificently savvies sounds like a bunch of horse riders taking over an old western town and making it all magnificent !  Anyway, I worked in public relations, marketing,  and communications in the corporate world for most of my professional career. I always had a passion and was good at helping others, but was never really passionate about my job. I decided that feeling stressed out and feeling like I was just existing did not fulfill my dreams or passions and I certainly didn’t feel like I was making a difference to others.  I knew I had something special, but didn’t quite know how to go about communicating or expressing it. I really didn’t even know quite what I wanted. I ended up doing a lot of soul searching and with the help of my husband, I realized that I am magnificently savvy and I wanted to share it with others. I decided what I wanted to do, which is coaching, consulting and educating small business owners (or soon to be) a successful business system and digital marketing strategies. I love learning new online marketing strategies and am drawn to the branding and social media side of marketing. I even build websites. Yes, I built this site. I love using those skills to help others to be successful with their entrepreneurship. If I work a job or with a client, it’s because I’m passionate about what I am doing. And that, my savvies, is where it all began.
What is Magnificence?
Magnificence or Magnificently Savvy is a concept, an idea – a way for a person to be amazing, talented and passionate about what she or he does personally and professionally. They can use their passions to create successful and lucrative careers or ways of showing up in the world. Everyone has a way of showing his or her ingenuity, gratefulness, and giving by being magnificent. I created this concept after years of thinking to myself, “There are a lot of other people in the world who have a lot to offer, but don’t know what to do about it”. I decided to make it happen for myself and help others find their magnificence.
What training or certification do you have to help others with magnificence?
Hummm…I’m a wonderful person? LOL.  I have life training and am certified by the Magnificence School of Certification – just kidding. I am not a professionally trained “coach” or a “guru”. I apply what I have learned and am passionate about and to help others do the same to have a successful business. I’m inbound marketing (digital marketing) certified and I’m a DESIRE MAP Workshop licensed facilitator.  Magnificence is my skill and I use that to make a difference and an impact on the world.
How do you describe yourself?
I am very compassionate, part business, part artsy-fartsy, and I have a wacky sense of humor that runs in my family. I’m also a magnificent wife, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, creative cohort, mentor, guide, coach, marketer, social media maven, and confidant. I’m a bit of an introvert. I’m a Desire Mapper. I’m sure there’s more…
Tell us a little more about you.
I got married for the first time six of years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. My husband, Peter, who I love very much, is the cutest and the best husband I’ve ever had! When I get together with my sisters and mom we can start laughing so hard that we start crying. All of us!  I’m a mother to a dog, Keebler and two cats,  Sunshine & Baby, who are my loves. I love love love to travel, and go to the farmer’s market and drink Mimosas on Saturday afternoons. I’ve lived in Arizona since I started junior high school. I love the tropics-I grew up on Guam. I love all things internet marketing and teaching others to have a magnificent business and life.
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
I have several! 🙂 I love to travel with my husband, go to wine country, and my dream would be to live by the beach on a tropical island. I’m really into The Desire Map, reading, digital marketing, and building WordPress websites. When it comes to food -Locally-in Phoenix, AZ….Chocolate molten lava cake… and chop salad from Cowboy Ciao…and their bread pudding!  I also recently discovered Beckett’s Table , which is close to my house and I love their Beef Bourguignon.

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